Aaron Rodgers Q&A: The face (and arm) of the Green Bay Packers has a passion for the game — golf, that is

November 10, 2019

The face (and arm) of the Green Bay Packers has a passion for the game (golf, that is). And one big disappointment for the cheeseheads.

Like golfers, do quarterbacks ever get the yips?

I’ve only heard of it happening one time. I can’t remember who it was, but there was one quarterback who got the yips and couldn’t throw the ball over 10 yards. Thankfully, it’s never happened to me.

What’s your handicap?

My best is a 3.5.

I’ve read that Matt Ryan is a 1.3, Tony Romo is a 0.4, and Ben Roethlisberger is a 2.3. But Tom Brady is an 8. That’s got to feel good.

I don’t think Brady’s an 8. I’ve played with him, and he’s good. I’ve played with all of those guys. Tony’s a great player. Matt and I — I’ve beat him a couple of times, he’s beat me a couple of times.

But you beat Roethlisberger where it counts, in Super Bowl XLV.

Yeah, we got him there. But he’s got two rings, so he’s still got bragging rights.

You’ve appeared as an actor on Game of Thrones, Key & Peele and The Office. Which was your best performance?

I would say the State Farm commercials. I get to be dry and funny, and to be the butt of some jokes.

When you sink a long putt or make birdie, do you do the Discount Double Check move?

Not really. I did it at a pro-am in Tahoe, but the two things I hear most about from fans are the Discount Double Check and fantasy football.

Most NFL QBs buy their linemen gifts at the end of each season. What did you get your linemen last year?

I always take care of the big guys. I usually have a graduated gift scale. So the veteran guys get something extravagant. This year, the oldest guys got a couple of Rolexes to choose from, and then further down the line there were jet
skis and four-wheelers and big-screen TVs. I also take the vets to the Kentucky Derby. I know where my
money is made, and it’s made by staying healthy.

When you get sacked really hard, do you ever think you should have been a pro golfer?

I don’t. I have too much respect for the Tour guys to think that. Their talent is incredible. I’m not anywhere good enough.

What’s the best football movie?

I’ll say Varsity Blues. I saw that when I was in high school, and I love that movie. I still watch it the night before training camp starts.

Last question, for the cheeseheads: What’s your favorite cheese?

I’m lactose intolerant. I have adverse reactions to most types of cheese.

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