89-year-old Ohio man makes two aces in three days…with driver and 5-wood!

May 25, 2019

Some golfers are just luckier than others. Some deserve it. Others don’t seem to. One thing is for sure, this 89-year-old male in Ohio is luckier than most.

Howard Freeman made not just one, but two(!) holes in one during a three-day stretch earlier this month at Wooster Country Club in Wooster, Ohio. According to the club’s Facebook page, Freeman aced the 8th and 3rd holes just two days apart. Forgive us for being late to the news, we had more pressing things to cover at Bethpage Black.

Freeman’s aces are quite the feat. Some golfers go their entire lives without marking a 1 on their scorecard, let alone do so twice in the same week. When asked about it by the Akron Beacon-Journal, Freeman added some necessary context. “We had a lot of skins that day so my hole-in-one was only worth one dollar,” he said. “A hole-in-one. Worth a dollar.”

Freeman’s story gets even better when you consider the clubs he used. On May 16th, Freeman used his 5-wood to drop it in the cup from 132 yards away on the 8th hole. Two days later, he aced the 3rd from 150 yards using the longest club he has — a driver! Again, some golfers are just luckier than others.

Mr. Freeman’s current handicap is listed at 22.7, which places him slightly below “average” for male golfers. Take that with some skepticism, as age is not considered in the average, and anyone competing at 89 years old should be applauded for continuing to play this maddening game. Anyway, the typical odds assessed with a hole in one for an “average” golfer is 12,500-to-1. So, for a below average player to make more than one ace in the same week? We’re talking about something much more rare.

Furthermore, according to the National Hole in One Registry, 40% of aces are made with a 7-, 8- or 9-iron. Yes, Freeman was beating the odds once again with his driver and 5-wood. The only question that remains is, when is he playing next?