5 Random Things We Learned From Memoir by Paul Casey’s Ex-Wife

February 5, 2016

Jocelyn Hefner, Paul Casey’s ex-wife, has written a book about her relationship with the 13-time European Tour winner and her experiences traveling with him around the world. Here are five things the memoir, Lost on the PGA and European Tours, taught us about the exclusive world of pro golf:

1. Phil Mickelson’s jet is outfitted with personalized dinnerware.

 “…I also remember the time we were invited to fly on Phil Mickelson’s beautiful Gulfstream 400 private jet with ‘AIR PHIL’ printed on the cups and napkins.”

2. The European Tour takes very good care of golfers’ wives at the Ryder Cup.

“Each of the wives and girlfriends was given a large sum of money by the tour to purchase the right clothes, shoes, and jewelry for every aspect of the event…In my wildest dreams, I would never have guessed I would purchase a gown for three thousand pounds. That was over five thousand American dollars at the time!”

3. Elin Nordegren (then Elin Woods) loves the treadmill—and naming horses.

 “Many times we were alone in the gym except for Elin Woods, who was always there and usually on mile 10 of her treadmill routine by the time we arrived.”

 “Elin Woods named my second foal, Caesar, while in Miami at Doral for the WGC event.”

4. Michael Jordan is a courteous cigar smoker.

“[At the Ryder Cup at Medinah] Michael Jordan was standing next to us with a cigar the size of my arm. He shook my hand, smiled, and gestured. ‘Shall we, ladies?’ he said, suggesting we move on to the next hole with our men. Walking with Michael and Elin was very comfortable… I was also appreciative that Michael Jordan didn’t blow any smoke in my face!”

5. Behind the scenes at the Abu Dhabi Golf Championship is every bit as insanely luxurious as you’d guess it might be.

“A butler, dressed in a black-and-white tuxedo, assured us that if we needed anything, day or night, he would get it for us. The smell of fresh lavender was intoxicating and everywhere… Orchid petals adorned the gold bathtub. Extra-large, white, fluffy towels were stacked outside the enormous tiled shower. Gorgeous soft sheets covered the bed, twice as big as a king-size American bed. He smiled when he saw the 90-inch television screen offering international stations. The living room was filled with magnificent hand-carved furniture and a fruit tray the size of a breakfast buffet. We were immersed in a level of decadence that neither of us had ever experienced.”