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12 rules changes you need to know for 2019 (and how they can help you)

January 1, 2019

What’s the biggest thing coming to the game of golf for pros and amateurs alike this year? The changes to the Rules of Golf, of course. And that all begins today!

Several changes and tweaks were made to make the rules easier to understand. While there is still some gray area on certain rules, the new changes as a whole seem to be a step forward.

Toward the end of December we broke down the 12 most important changes: what they are and what they mean for you. Check out each rules change below, and click on the link to read more about it.

Remember, not all of these changes will happen at elite amateur competitions or in the pro game, which means you, Average Joe Golfer, is the one who matters most.

1. What you can (and can’t) do in a bunker

2. The new procedure for taking a drop

3. How to decide when a ball moved

4. How much time you get to search for a ball

5. An alternative option to escape an unplayable bunker lie

6. How quickly you are expected to play

7. How to take embedded ball relief

8. Why the flagstick is now your friend

9. What you can repair on the putting green

10. How much your caddie can help on the greens

11. Say goodbye to the pesky double-hit

12. A new stroke and distance alternative

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