WATCH: Brooks Koepka joins The Scoop to talk major victories, nerves, Rory McIlroy and more

Brooks Koepka joins Claire Rogers on the Scoop.

Brooks Koepka joins Claire Rogers on The Scoop to discuss how he got into the game, his major victories, nerves and a whole lot more.

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Next up on The Scoop: Brooks Koepka!

You may remember that Koepka’s wife, Jena Sims, was my first-ever Scoop guest back in April 2023. (Thanks again to Jena for helping me get this idea off the ground and for meeting me at an ice cream spot in North Augusta during Masters week.)

One thing I’ve learned about the Koepka-Sims duo through this interview series is they aren’t afraid of unique ice cream flavors. Jena went with cake batter ice cream, and Brooks requested Phish Food from Ben & Jerry’s — chocolate ice cream with gooey marshmallow swirls, caramel and fudge fish. Anyone who knows about Phish Food is an expert-level ice cream eater, so I already had massive respect for Brooks’ dessert game.

I’ll admit, going into this interview I was a little intimidated by Koepka. Would he be “too cool” for this? Would he give his answers any thought? But out of all my Scoop guests he’s the one who surprised me the most. The five-time major champ was much more laid back than I expected. He was friendly, had fun with the interview and gave insightful answers, which I’m thankful for (and you’ll appreciate too).

So check out the video below as Brooks dishes on how he got into the game, what he learns from losing, the most nervous he’s ever been on the golf course and a whole lot more. What surprised me the most? His answer to the golfer he’d most like to play with the rest of his life, if he could only pick one.

The Scoop with Brooks Koepka is now live on our YouTube channel (which you should subscribe to here). Enjoy!

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