The bizarre contest David Feherty and Stevie Williams played with Tiger Woods

Gary McCord will probably be the first to admit that you can’t have fun at golf tournaments like he used to back in the day. And legendary broadcaster Verne Lundquist agreed with his longtime CBS partner on the latest episode of McCord and fellow broadcaster Peter Kostis’ podcast, “Kostis & McCord: Off Their Rockers,” a GOLF Production.

But that doesn’t mean the three broadcasting icons can’t recall some of their funniest stories together.

Apparently, one of their best involves Tiger Woods, David Feherty and Woods’ former caddie Steve Williams, who McCord described as “a master flatulence.”

Yes, you read that right.

“You remember when Tiger used to always stop his swing, right?” McCord asked his colleagues. “He’s stopping. Everybody goes, ‘Oh, man. That’s pretty good.’ … It was one of these two guys [Feherty and Williams] farting, and they would have a contest to see if they could stop Tiger on his golf swing.”

Television golf analyst Verne Lundquist works the No. 16 tower during Saturday's third round at the 2012 Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club.
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By: Josh Berhow

Just the thought of trying to make Woods stop in the middle of a golf swing by passing gas has probably crippled lesser men. And here are these two: one Woods’ best man at his wedding, the other one of golf’s biggest personalities, having a contest to do it.

Prime Woods (even today’s Woods) probably would have starred through the soul of any random spectator. But at the Memorial Tournament one year, as McCord described, he found it humorous.

“I heard on that tee, I was down there with him — It was the loudest fart I’ve ever heard in my life,” McCord said. “People were speechless. I don’t know how many were — a couple thousand sitting there? And I don’t know if it was Stevie or if it was Feherty, but it was biblical.

“And Tiger just stopped and looked at him and started laughing.”

Apparently, this wasn’t an isolated incident either. Feherty and Williams went at it every time Feherty was walking with Woods’ group. Somehow, Williams made it through all those years unscathed until his partnership with Woods ended in 2011.

Of course, there was nothing Woods could do about Feherty, who, as Kostis recounted, once “cut one and it partially came out solid” at the former PGA Tour stop at Firestone Country Club in Akron, Ohio.

“David cut one and it partially came out solid. And now at eight, 10 minutes later he has to interview Tiger,” Kostis said. “Tiger’s going [makes sniffing noise]. And he’s looking at David and he goes, ‘What the hell?’

“And David goes, ‘Sorry, I shat myself.'”

Woods, naturally, walked away just as CBS tossed to Feherty for the interview.

Jack Hirsh Editor

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