Grip it and sip it! The story behind John Daly’s canned cocktail

Good Boy Vodka's canned John Daly cocktail

The John Daly cocktail features four different delicious tea flavors to choose from.

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The Arnold Palmer Invitational celebrated 45 years on the PGA Tour schedule in March, and the Bay Hill–based tournament is one of The King’s most enduring legacies.

Even more enduring is his eponymous beverage, which Arnie once revealed dates back to the late 1960s. The Arnold Palmer — a refreshing mix of iced tea and lemonade — has been enjoyed for decades on patios and pavilions the world over. It’s been available commercially in a branded can since 2001, thanks to AriZona Beverages.

Now, a partnership between Michigan-based brand Good Boy Vodka and golf’s favorite party starter John Daly has resulted in the creation of a vodka-infused version of the popular potable.

canned cocktails
Why canned cocktails are the perfect on-course companions
By: Michael Corcoran

Daly, who celebrates his 58th birthday today, now competes on the PGA Tour Champions and is arguably more popular than ever. According to Good Boy Vodka founder and CEO Alex Pratt, Daly’s celebrity profile, coupled with the ongoing boom in canned-cocktail demand, has helped the John Daly beverage ( achieve huge growth since its launch just over a year ago.

It also helps that the beverage is undeniably delicious. Daly participated in multiple tastings before landing on the final product, which contains all-natural flavors, zero carbs, zero sugar and clocks in at less than 100 calories.

And if that’s not enough to entice you, Good Boy Vodka has also committed to supporting our veterans and military K-9s under the tagline “Every pour helps a pup.”

And speaking of taglines, you might recognize another famous phrase: “Grip it and rip it” — yep, that’s Long John’s famous slogan, suitably emblazoned on the front of every can. Hey Long John, don’t mind if we do! Editor

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