Social media star Chance Cozby explains how to make a perfect Azalea cocktail

Chance Cozby demonstrates how to make an Azalea cocktail

Chance Cozby demonstrates how to make an Azalea cocktail.

If you’re gathering to watch the final rounds of the Masters this weekend, there’s one cocktail that simply must be a part of any soiree: the famous Azalea.

The Azalea has long been the unofficial cocktail of the Masters, with its pale-pink hue reminiscent of the gorgeous blooms that line Augusta National’s most famous holes.

While the club has their own signature method to making the cocktail, social media star Chance Cozby, whose food-focused Instagram and TikTok accounts (@3piecesofpecan) boast a combined following of more than 1.3 million, shared his own delicious recipe.

How to make an Azalea cocktail

Cozby recommends starting with a basic low-ball cocktail glass, filled with ice.

The base spirit of an Azalea is vodka. Cozby likes to go with 2 oz.

Match your vodka pour with pineapple juice, and add 2 oz.

Squeeze some lemon juice into the cocktail. Cozby uses a little less than half a lemon in a hand-held juicer.

Next up: it’s time to add some color. A splash of grenadine does the trick. If you like a strong drink like Cozby, you can top the drink off with another splash of vodka.

You can shake or stir the cocktail to mix it, then garnish the Azalea with a lemon wedge and a Marischino cherry. And voila! You now have a major-worthy cocktail.

Cheers! And enjoy the Masters.

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