Augusta National unveiled *exactly* how to make its famous Azalea cocktail

The Masters official azalea recipe

The Masters Tournament revealed its official Azalea cocktail recipe.

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Google the recipe for the famous Azalea — the beloved cocktail of the Masters — and you’ll get a few different variations, most of which include the following: vodka or gin, pineapple juice, lemon juice and grenadine.

Whatever ratio you opt to use, the result is an inviting pink-hued beverage. Garnished with a fresh lemon wheel, it’s spring-cocktail perfection.

As with all cocktails, the best way to enjoy them is your way, but if you prefer to do things by Augusta National’s book, we now have a definitive answer to the question of how to make an Azalea the same way to folks on Magnolia Lane do.

The Masters Tournament has its own Pinterest page with all sorts of delightful, tournament-themed content: patron fashion inspo, Masters Dinner menus, concessions photos and its official Azalea recipe. Cocktail enthusiasts may be surprised by a glaring omission — there’s no pineapple juice in Augusta National’s Azalea.

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Instead, the official recipe calls for lemonade. The tournament’s signature cocktail is touted as “an Augusta National specialty,” that “tastes like spring is in the air and is the perfect addition to your at-home watch party.”

Ready to make on for yourself, the Augusta-National way? Check out the official recipe below.

Official Masters Recipe: The Azalea Cocktail


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-1.25 oz vodka
-5 oz lemonade
-0.5 oz grenadine
-Cherry and lemon wheel garnish

The description doesn’t specify whether or not the mixture should be shaken or stirred, so we’ll leave that up to personal preference. Make sure to pair one with another Augusta staple: pimento cheese. Cheers!

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