Three ready-to-drink canned cocktails you have to try

Canned cocktails from Dashfire

These canned spirits and cocktails will have you thinking, "Why didn't I buy more?"


The simplicity of a pre-made cocktail in a can is as easy as popping the tab and enjoying every sip. The cocktails themselves, however, are well-crafted and complex. That’s why ready-to-drink cocktails are great — you don’t have to be a master mixologist to enjoy an incredible cocktail. Canned, pre-made and ready-to-drink, these cocktails will have you thinking, “Why didn’t I buy more?” That was precisely what I thought after I had over a few friends for a bit of beverage tasting. These drinks were a hit!

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By: Shaun Tolson

You can easily stick these canned cocktails in the fridge, pop open a can and enjoy, or take it a step further. You can elevate the presentation by pouring these into a glass and adding a garnish.

Two out of the five brands of canned cocktails we tried piqued our interest and taste buds the most. The three drinks we enjoyed the most were from Dashfire and Two Stacks.

If you want more details on the ready-to-drink canned cocktails and spirits we enjoyed the most, keep scrolling!


A power couple from Minnesota makes Dashfire canned cocktails. They’re well-known for their bitters. These 100 ml cans are ready to be poured over ice for a perfect, premium craft cocktail anytime. 

Dashfire cocktails are higher proof so you can enjoy them how you like them. They are strong, with their highest ABV at 38% in a single 100 ml can. These cans are small, but the cocktails are mighty. We decided to enjoy these cocktails chilled and straight out of the can, but you can enjoy these drinks on ice or stirred with ice and strained.

Dashfire offers ten varieties of cocktails in a can. The spirit varieties in the Dashfire cocktails include whiskey, vodka, sherry, rum, gin, and more! We tried their six classic flavors — Bourbon Old Fashioned, Elderflower Martinez, Fig & Cascara Manhattan, Lemon & Lavender Martini, Pomegranate El Presidente and Chai White Russian. See below for our top two favorite flavors.

Fig and Cascara Manhattan (38% ABV)

  • Rye Whiskey
  • Cream Sherry
  • House Botanical Blend
  • Bitters Blend
38% ABV

Fig and Cascara Manhattan

This ready-to-pour Manhattan Cocktail is made with Rye Whiskey, Cream Sherry & bitters, elevated with the addition of Black Mission Fig, Cascara Cherry, Vanilla and Rhubarb Root.

White Russian Cocktail (17% ABV)

  • Vodka
  • Wisconsin Cream
  • Chai Bitters
  • Cane Sugar
17% ABV

Fig and Cascara Manhattan

Our White Russian is just plain fun and a joy to imbibe. Made from Vodka, Midwest Heavy Cream, and the already beautiful botanicals of our Chai’Walla bitters.

Two Stacks

The Two Stacks Dram in a Can is the world’s first Irish whiskey in a can! A superior blend of grain, malt and pot-still whiskey that offers rich toasted wood, vanilla and fruit flavors. This ready-to-drink Irish whiskey, Dram in a Can, is among a select number of Irish whiskeys using peated malt in its blend, imbuing it with a pleasantly rounded flavor experience. It’s non-chill filtered and has no added coloring. In other words, it’s delicious.

The blend is matured in ex-bourbon, Oloroso sherry and virgin oak casks before being brought down to proof and can. This is an 86-proof liquor, perfect for sipping in good company!

We sipped these from the can, but you can mix them or enjoy them on the rocks. Whether you’re already a fan of Irish Whiskeys or you’re just looking to try something new, the Dram in a Can is a great choice!

Dram in a Can (86% ABV)

  • Rich toasted wood, vanilla and fruit flavors
  • Matured in ex-bourbon, Orsolo sherry and virgin oak casks
  • Golden in appearance
43% ABV

Two Stacks Dram in a Can

Blending the very best of contemporary Irish flavour with real distilling heritage.
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