There’s a little-known Masters concession drink only available at one location

The Masters Concessions menu in 2022

The Masters Concessions menu in 2022

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Augusta National is a magical and mythical place. There’s a lot we know about Augusta and the Masters, and there’s a lot we don’t. Information is held close to the chest under a green jacket in these parts. Everyone knows about the legendary Masters concession menu. What everyone doesn’t know is there’s a drink only available at one particular Masters concession stand.

While admiring patron cup-stackers, I noticed an interesting-looking concoction. A tri-color drink reminiscent of a red, white, and blue shaved ice snowball available on every ice cream truck. Later that day, I saw a picture of it on social media stating it was purchased at the 12th-hole concession stand.

I investigated the menu just outside the concession area and nothing jumped out at me. Upon taking a closer look at a sign hanging below the entrance, there it was. Under beverages, it is listed as “sports drink, soda, and pink lemonade.” The sports drink appears to be a blue Powerade and the “soda” is a Sprite. As for the pink lemonade, well, it’s pink lemonade.

Masters '12th Stand' Drink
The ’12th Stand’ is only available at the Masters concession before the 12th-hole grandstands. Justin Wheelon/Instagram

This will cost you $2. The same price as all the other soft drinks at the Masters. For the souvenir cup alone it’s a bargain.

I inquired with a few people working the stand if the drink was available anywhere else. The answer was a quick no. This drink is appropriately named “12th stand” and it’s strictly available at, you guessed it, the 12th-hole concession. It’s an interesting combination, but certainly a pretty-looking one. The sports drink and pink lemonade remain layered in a way that gives you a beautiful springtime drink.

According to Yahoo Sports, the drink came about in 2014 when Tara Parker, a worker at the stand, created it.

“Standing in the same spot for hours and hours of time forces you to get creative,” Parker told Yahoo Sports. “So, one day we messed around and started playing with the different drink combinations, and I noticed that the particular order of pink lemonade, Sprite, and blue Powerade created this really pretty drink.”

If you ever find yourself at Augusta National for the Masters, this is a drink to keep in mind before making your way to Amen Corner.

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