Why this luxe tequila with A-List investors is becoming a 19th-hole staple

Michael Jordan and Cincoro Tequila

Michael Jordan is one of many A-List investors in Cincoro tequila.

Jordan: Getty Images; tequila: Jeffrey Westbrook

There is tequila the kind of stuff you get in a mixed drink at a bar — that’ll get the job done just fine. Then there’s good tequila, labeled with words like 100 percent agave, that goes down more gently and burns a little less.

And then there’s great tequila. It is sourced from only the best ingredients — like, say, Weber blue agave from both the highland and lowland regions of Jalisco, Mexico. It is crafted in only the most exacting of formulas, distilled separately, then blended carefully. And it has only the richest, most subtle complexion of flavors — providing notes of butterscotch, baking spices and toasted oak.

This type of tequila has a name — Cincoro — and in a golf world undergoing a tequila renaissance, Cincoro is elbowing its way into a spot in the pantheon.

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By: Jessica Marksbury

We know it has the firepower to do so. Cincoro counts celebrities like NBA legend Michael Jordan, Lakers owner Jeanie Buss, Bucks owner Wes Edens and Celtics owners Wyc Grousbeck and Emilia Fazzalari among its principal investors.

That high-rolling group of tequila aficionados is behind Cincoro’s quintet of luxury offerings (Blanco, Reposado, Anejo, Gold and Extra Anejo; starting at $99) and has become the brand’s chief promoters and taste testers.

On warm weather days, there are ways to enjoy Cincoro without sipping solely on tequila or drowning out its more subtle flavors with sugar. The best of which is a cocktail affectionately known as the Cincoro Club, a refreshing twist on the classic that is already a hit at 19th holes from New York to Cabo San Lucas (see recipe below).

The orange squeeze and club soda provide a dash of fruity refreshment balanced out by the Reposado’s more sultry flavors. The final product is a best-of-all-worlds cocktail perfect for any day on the links… so long as the tequila is nothing short of great.

How to make a Cincoro Club cocktail

-2 oz Cincoro Reposado
-Club soda to the top
-Orange squeeze and orange wedge for garnish

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