‘As nice as any private jet’: Headed to Bandon Dunes? Here’s how to arrive in luxury

The loop that heads to bandon dunes

LOOP Golf Transportation

Ed. note: This is an excerpt from the most recent Bryson Explains, in which GOLF’s playing editor, Bryson DeChambeau, dishes on his love of team events, an easy way to firm up your grip and more. You can read the entire column here, or you can find it in the Nov./Dec. 2021 issue of GOLF Magazine.

A cool opportunity for my former caddie, by Bryson DeChambeau

Tim Tucker isn’t caddying for me anymore, but he’s still plenty busy. 

Tim’s new company, LOOP Golf Transportation, provides first-class transportation to and from all three airports that service Bandon Dunes (three courses in GOLF’s new Top 100 in the World), allowing golfers a stress-free journey to utopia. No more hassling with rental cars. Simply hop on the bus and get the party started. 

According to Tim, “We want your trip to start when you land, not when you land, drive a few hours on the road and then finally get there.” The LOOP bus fleet gives golfers a dream-like start and finish to their trip with accommodations including live TV, bathrooms and a full bar. Plus, there’s no need to worry about not reaching the destination safely since each driver in the fleet has over 10 years of experience. 

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With knowledge of the high-end clientele that makes the pilgrimage to the Oregon coast, Tucker and his partner knew there was a market for this type of travel. 

Best of all? It won’t break your wallet. While the sticker price might be daunting (between $1,000 and $4,000, depending on the airport), when split between the eight people a bus can accommodate, that price comes down quickly. And, considering the amenities included, that price comes as a bargain. 

“It’s as nice as any private jet I’ve ever been on,” Tim says. “It’s like getting a first-class ticket somewhere — but better.”

Check it out for yourself here.

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