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Your Exit Plan: The perfect release to pure every shot

May 24, 2017

The technology built into modern drivers requires you to release them quite differently than you do your irons. Think of releasing a given club as exiting from a highway onto a curving off-ramp.

With your driver, you’re behind the wheel of a tractor-trailer—you exit slowly and start “turning onto the ramp” sooner, smoothly rotating the clubshaft the whole way.

An iron is a Maserati— you hit the ramp at speed and make a quick turn (that is, a quick shaft rotation) near the apex of the curve. The result? Two very different release positions (right) and two very different feels. The takeaway: With your driver, begin to smoothly release the club as soon as you transition into your downswing. With an iron, quickly release it once the clubhead reaches waist height.

– Michael Jacobs, Rock Hill C.C., Manorville, N.Y