Women’s golf tips: Do this 1 thing to rid your body of tension before hitting a shot

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Use deep breathing to eliminate tension in your body before you hit a shot.

Alison Curdt

While other sports require an athlete to run quickly, hit hard, jump high, and react to moving objects, the game of golf requires a different level of intensity. The constant “stop-start” nature of golf means you have to get pumped up, then quiet down the mind and body to hit a shot that takes less than 20 seconds, over and over again. It’s no wonder golfers often have difficulty moving in and out these mental and physiological states with ease.

This constant up and down and start-stop wreaks havoc on some athletes’ ability to remain focused, or find a level of intensity that is helpful to their performance. Sometimes golfers that try to ramp up their intensity on the golf course actually increase their levels of “tense” in their bodies — to the detriment of their games.

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Intensity is the ability to narrow down one’s focus, eliminate external and internal distractions, regulate emotions, and maintain a sense of self-discipline to continue routines in one’s game. Don’t let this intensity actually increase tension in your body by trying too hard. If you notice that you force shots, or try to pull off shots that may be out of your skill set, you inevitably increase the tension in your muscles, which will inhibit free-flowing movements. 

How can you combat this tendency? The use of deep breathing can help eliminate this tension. Practice by placing your hand on your belly and as you take a deep breath, feel your belly expand like a balloon. As you exhale, feel your belly deflate. This deep circulation of oxygen will help relax the muscles in your body so you can have a tension-free swing while you maintain that intensity in your focus.

The ultimate takeaway? Take the “tense” out of your intensity to see your performance improve.

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