Women’s golf tips: 2 simple ways to play great more often

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How much do you know about your best holes or rounds?

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Most golfers we meet know a lot about what is wrong with their games. That’s all fine, but only if you also know what you do when you play well, too.

It’s a universal truth that to achieve anything, you need to know what it is you want to achieve! One of the greatest things you can do to for your golf game is to start paying attention to what you do when you play well.

You can start your self-assessment by asking yourself some questions. When you play a few holes well, or maybe even an entire round, what was your experience? What was your awareness when swinging and putting? What did you do between shots? What kind of language did you use? How did you make your decisions about the shots you faced? How was your level of commitment? Were you calm or excited?

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By: Kellie Stenzel, Top 100 Teacher

The more you know about what you do physically, mentally and emotionally when you’re playing well, the better. At VISION54, our coaching headquarters in Scottsdale, Ariz., we call it the MY54 recipe: your unique way of playing great.

If you want to play great more often, it’s essential to know how you do it. Asking yourself the questions above is a great start. The next thing you want to do is to reflect on your best shots and/or rounds and write down 5-10 things you do when you play well. Then, think about what you wrote. What are some specific things that you feel are under your control when you play well?

If it’s too hard to assess yourself, you can also ask some of your trusted playing partners what they notice. Then, in the future when you prepare for any important performance in golf, practice your MY54 “ingredients.” You can also add notes in your yardage book or another place you look often to remind yourself. Remember: what you keep putting your attention to has a tendency to grow.

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