Weekend Warmup: Using an alignment stick to build confidence

January 18, 2020

If you’re like me, when you’re getting warmed up for a round, just about the furthest thing from your mind is practicing shot-shaping. Typically, my warm-up routine involves some stretching, a few shots and a short prayer that I won’t shank it off the first tee.

But in this edition of Weekend Warmup, GOLF top 100 teacher Martin Chuck shares a different approach to getting your game ready so you can build confidence (and stop consulting deities) heading into the first tee.

Chuck says to show up and (after some light stretching) use an alignment stick to intentionally begin hitting draws and fades. The alignment stick will help guide your hands into the right clubhead positions to hit proper draws and fades.

The aim of the drill is as much mental as it is physical. Your goal is to overwork your game, so when it comes to doing a simpler task (like making clean contact off the tee), your mind will be at ease. Chuck contends building confidence and muscle memory before you break into your round is a great way to prepare your mind and body for clean, consistent contact.

“Now your brain knows what a draw looks like, what a fade looks like,” Chuck said. “When you do that, when you get over a golf ball, it’ll be a lot easier to hit some of those really crisp ones that go right at your target.”

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