Use your knuckles to hit draws and fades on command

March 30, 2017

In addition to connecting your hands to the club, your grip controls the shape of your shots. In fact, turning your right hand a few degrees to the left or right can turn the ball over in any direction, making you a bona fide pin-seeker.


Before trying these shot-shaping adjustments, you need to make sure your left-hand grip is secure. Use a finger hold, and turn your left hand to the right so you can see two knuckles—no more, no less (photo, above).

To Hit a Draw

Set your right hand on the handle with the palm facing the target, then turn it to the right until you can only see the first two knuckles. With this slightly stronger hold, the clubface will close quicker, producing right-to-left spin.

To Power a Fade

Again, set your right hand on the handle with the palm facing the target. This time, rotate your right hand to the left. Keep turning until two knuckles come into view. Combine this weak grip with your everyday swing and the ball can’t help but fade.

By Don Sargent, Scioto C.C., Columbus, Ohio