This training aid will help you leverage the ground and generate more power in your swing

force pedals

These colorful disks train you to use the ground more effectively for increased speed.


By now you’ve probably heard of the term “ground reaction forces.” Put simply, they’re a measurement of how successfully you leverage the ground during your swing — a vital power source.

GOLF Hall of Fame Teacher Mike Adams recommends The Force Pedal to boost your leverage game. These colorful disks (one soft and one firm) train you to use the ground more effectively. Start by placing the soft pedal under your lead foot. Now swing. The pressure you feel under your foot helps you torque against the ground like a Tour pro.

The Force Pedal

The Force Pedal is a unique training aid designed to help all golfers increase club head speed by training your body to use the ground properly. Ground reaction force is the secret to distance and direction. Train with The Force Pedal and learn how to use the ground to build force in your golf swing.

Ground reaction forces are one of the hardest things to teach,” Adams says. “The Force Pedal makes it easy.”

After a few swings, remove the disk. You’ll soon develop an awareness of how pressuring the ground boosts speed. Congrats — you’re a power hitter.

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