Sync your turn and arms for rock-solid chips

November 17, 2018

Top 100 Teacher and 2017 LPGA Teacher of the Year Carol Preisinger shows you how to chip it tight every time:
Using a putting-like rhythm when you chip is great, but don’t try to chip like you putt — you’ll never develop a feel for these delicate shots.
Try this instead: Address the ball while holding another one in your right hand, with your right elbow on your right hip. Rotate your chest in a mock chip backswing, and let your right elbow ride your right hip as it follows your upper body.
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Same thing on your forward swing: Keep your elbow on your hip as you turn your chest toward the target. Where impact would be, release the ball, tossing it underhanded along your target line.
Now pick up a wedge and make the same motion. Keep your elbows relaxed and move them in time with the movement of your hips and chest, releasing the club just as you tossed the ball. Next time, they’ll be tossing you the winner’s trophy.

Carol Preisinger
Hit chips as though you’re tossing a ball underhanded at the target. You’ll learn the necessary body rotation and the importance of keeping your arms and elbows soft.