‘Stretch out’ your backswing to add more power to your swing

tony ruggiero shows a student how to stretch out their backswing

A big key to generating more power in your swing is learning how to properly load into your trail hip in the backswing.

Stephen Denton

Swinging to the top of your backswing isn’t simply a matter of, well, swinging to the top. Power hitters know that the backswing is the key power producer in their swing. It’s all about getting the club to the top while simultaneously “loading” your right hip, something you can’t develop by simply lifting your arms. 

A great way to feel how to lift, pivot and turn properly — and store power — is to make practice backswings with the help of a resistance band. (You can get one at any sporting goods store.) 

Place one end of the band under the arch of your front foot and hold the other end under your hands as you take your grip with any club. Set up as usual, then swing back. Your goal here is to stretch the band to its fullest, something you can’t do if you simply lift your arms or turn so hard you whip the club inside. 

Use a combo of both: turning and lifting while focusing on getting the band as tight as possible as you move to the top. My Dewsweepers’ associate Jackson Koert demonstrates this perfectly in the photo above. 

As you practice this drill, forget about what you’re already doing. Find movements that stretch the band to its fullest as you wind up into your right hip. 

Once you do, you’ve learned how to store speed for a power-rich downswing. 

PGA Tour coach Tony Ruggiero is a GOLF Top 100 Teacher who operates Dewsweepers Downtown in Mobile, Ala.

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