Can’t stop slicing? Try doing this during your takeaway

tim cooke demonstrates how to properly perform a takeaway to avoid a slice

If you're having trouble with a slice, try changing your takeaway so you're not whipping the club inside on the way back.

Christopher Lane

You slice. So do a lot of rec players. The fix is easier than you think. 

There are two problems normally associated with a left-to-right ball flight (for a righty). Usually, it’s a too flat takeaway followed by a weak lifting of the arms, then a “slappy” delivery with the clubface pointing to the right of your intended aim. A tee can cure both. 

Tape one to the shaft of any club with the tee parallel to the leading edge As you start back, refrain from “whipping” the club inside so that the tee points toward the sky or even behind you. Check at halfway back that the tee is still pointing at your body. That’s a great start. 

Now, instead of lifting your arms, continue to rotate your upper body to get the club all the way to the top. 

As you make your way down (slow-motion swings would help here), unwind while keeping the tee pointed at your body or even slightly ahead of your face (above right). This ensures that you’re not holding the clubface open. Get the tee right and the face will square up for a power-rich centered strike with the face pointing at your target. Works for irons, hybrids, driver — heck, every club in your bag. 

Tim Cooke is a GOLF Top 100 Teacher and is the director of instruction at the Sea Pines Resort on Hilton Head Island, S.C.

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