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Indoor golf practice? This simple drill is perfect to improve your downswing

November 27, 2019

Proper casting is vital when you’re trying to catch a fish — but casting when you’re hitting a golf ball? That means you’re releasing the club too early in the downswing, which can lead to any number of challenges. Casting adds unpredictability to your golf game, making it difficult to predict shot direction and contact. Good news: You can work on killing your cast this winter without even leaving the house.

Of course, if you happen to escape to Florida (like I did below), you can do this outdoors, too — but it can really be done anywhere. Grab an iron, find a wall, flip the club upside-down (gripping it on the shaft of the club) and try this drill.

Step 1: Stand about one foot away from the wall in your golf posture, then lift the club and rest it on your right shoulder.

Step 2: Make a full turn, as you (hopefully) would in your golf swing, with your chest and lower body.

Step 3: Extend your arms away from your body, placing the butt of the club on the wall somewhere back and behind you.

Step 4: Begin your downswing by pushing your weight into your front foot while also making sure the butt end of the club stays on the wall.

Step 5: Continue to turn, keeping the butt of the club on the wall until your hands are close to even with your right thigh again. At this point, the butt of the club (where the clubhead would normally be) will start to release through the golf ball.

Step 6: On the other side of where the ball would be, I want you to try and get that club close to the wall and then swing up and over your shoulder for a fully-turned finish.

To see the best results from this drill, I suggest you try it 10 times a day. Be sure to take your time while you are working through it; it takes reps to override your old swing habits and ingrain a new one. The winter is a phenomenal time to work on your swing because you can take the golf ball away and simply work on creating new patterns. If you put the time in this winter you’ll be pleasantly surprised with your new swing come spring!

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