Try this simple drill to launch your fairway shots higher

Kellie Stenzel drill

This simple impact drill provides instant feedback.

Kellie Stenzel

Launching your fairway shots is fun and often rewarding. Watching the ball soar beautifully through the air is one of the game’s greatest joys. 

But how the golf ball gets into the air can be counterintuitive. 

Here is one of my favorite drills to give you the feedback you need to know that you are making the right motion through impact for optimal launch. 

A two-tee drill to launch the ball higher

-Place your ball on a low tee and place another tee in the ground on the target side of the ball. 

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By: Kellie Stenzel, Top 100 Teacher

Your goal when you swing should be to have your club head hit and maybe even break both tees through impact. That means you are correctly getting the club down to the ground and keeping it on the ground as you scrape the grass. 

-Not only does your club need to hit the ground, it also needs to stay low so that the ball can make contact with the sweet spot of the face and the lofted part of the club. This is the real key to launching the ball!

If you incorrectly try to lift the ball, you’ll join many fellow players who tend to top it. This drill will be a great help to you in fixing that fault.

This two-tee drill will help train you to not only get your clubhead down the the ground but also to brush the grass correctly on the target side of the ball, as well as give you the feedback you need to see that you have executed both correctly. In short, you’ll know you’re doing it right when you see both tees making contact with your club head.

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