Try this drill to get your short game smooth in seconds

April 17, 2020
rory mcilroy hits a chip shot

The best players in the world can hit bombs with big powerful swings, then shift gears to pull off silky smooth short shots. You’ve got to live in both worlds. If your short game is feeling a little clunky, here’s a simple two-step drill to get your rhythm where it needs to be.

1. Set up to the ball with 70 percent of your weight on your front side and with your trail heel lifted slightly off the ground.

2. Grip the club as normal, but let your right hand hover an inch or so to the side of the handle. Now make your chipping stroke.

This is a simple drill for your short game.
This is a simple drill for your short game.
Christian Hafer

The goal: Maintain the distance between your trail hand and the grip established at address as you swing back and through. If you do it right, you’ll automatically eliminate unnecessary hand “flip” and quickly learn what it means to swing using a rhythmic and connected stroke, that engages both sides of your body. At the very least, rehearsing your swing without your trail hand interfering will make you buttery smooth.

Jon Hearn teaches at Albany Golf Academy in Nassau, The Bahamas (@jonhearn).

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