2 reasons you ‘chili-dip’ chip shots (and how to fix them)

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If you struggle with chunking chips around the greens, you're likely making one of two mistakes.

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Everyone has chili-dipped a wedge before. When the leading edge digs behind the ball, it’s impossible to make solid contact — and it results in the dreaded chili-dip. It’s an embarrassing shot to hit, and one that can kill your confidence around the greens.

If you struggle with hitting chili-dips, it can be a confidence-killer. Any shot around the greens becomes a knee-buckling experience and it can be tough to even pull the club back. But there is hope yet.

In a recent Twitter video, GOLF Top 100 Teacher Jonathan Yarwood broke down the two main causes of chili-dips — and shared a simple way to fix them.

Chili-dips are caused by two main things. Either you are letting your trail arm float away from your body on the takeaway and getting disconnected from your core, or you are buckling your lead knee as you get close to impact. The fix for each flaw is simple.

If you’re letting your trail arm get disconnected from the body, put a headcover or glove in your armpit and work on swinging without letting it fall.

“All you’re going to do on the way back is just fold your right arm so it stays in sync with your ribcage,” Yarwood says. “You don’t let it come away from you. That’ll help things work together; help things harmonize and get the low point in front of the ball.

If you’re buckling your lead knee, work on posting up (or straightening) your lead knee and keeping your belt buckle turning through the shot.

“That’s gonna keep the rotation of the torso,” Yarwood says. “It’ll move the low point in front of the ball and get rid of those chili-dips once and for all.”

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