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Our most-read chipping tip of 2021: Hit crisp chip shots with this simple trick

a woman chipping onto a green.

No matter how talented a golfer you are, you’re bound to miss some greens. Even Jin Young Ko, who is one of the most accurate approach players on the planet, missed the green 20% of the time during 2021 in which she led the LPGA Tour in GIRs. With these facts in mind, it’s imperative that you are handy with a wedge in your hands in order to minimize the bogeys.

Chip shots often seem simple, but at times they can be maddening in difficulty. Who among us hasn’t bladed a chip over the green? It’s a feeling we can all relate to.

To help with these chipping woes, GOLF Top 100 Teacher Joe Hallett penned a piece for us this year on a simple trick that he swears by. And all you need is a wedge and a sharpie.

Read below for an excerpt from the article where Hallett explains how to hit better chip shots.

How to hit better chip shots

1. Fill-in the bottom groove

Take your wedge in your hand like I’m doing here, and color in the bottom groove of the wedge (or wedges) that you use the most around the green. Don’t worry, doing this won’t negatively affect the performance of your wedge.

2. Place it under your ball

Once you’ve done that, place a golf ball on the ground so the logo is parallel to the ground, and then slide the colored-in groove so it’s sitting beneath it. That’s where you’ll want to make contact with the golf ball.

It’s as easy as that. Next time you’re on chipping around the green, think about sliding the bottom, sharpie-marked groove under the middle of the ball. And yes, it’s totally legal — so long as you make the mark on your club before the round and not during it.

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