Jordan Spieth’s coach says 1 thing changed his short game. It’s a ‘don’t-do’ tip

Cameron McCormick, Jordan Spieth

Cameron McCormick, left, and Jordan Spieth at the 2018 PGA Championship.

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Cameron McCormick made one small move with his left foot, from backward to square with his right foot. 

And the result?

It’s a bold statement. 

“This one thing,” he said, “changed my chipping and pitching game forever.”

He was talking via a video posted this week to his Instagram account, which has become a treasure trove for swing advice. Of note, Jordan Spieth’s longtime coach has recently dished on “a short-game death move.” And seven “roadblocks” to avoid in order to be great. And “a No. 1 swing killer” for amateurs. At the least, McCormick has a touch for catchy headlines, and his latest was the quote from the paragraph above. 

And the one thing that changed his chipping and pitching game forever?

McCormick said he moved his stance from a closed setup (with his left foot back) to a squared set-up (with his left moved back forward). If you’re a left-handed player, this would all be for your right foot. 

“It’s a don’t-do-this type of recommendation,” McCormick said on the video. “I don’t want you to stand open.”


“It leaves your body pressure and therefore your mass too much on your trail foot,” McCormick said on the video, “causing you to hit the ground early.”

And the adjustment?

“I want you to square your stance up,” McCormick said on the video. “It’s going to give you solid contact time and time again.”

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By: Nick Piastowski

The takeaway? It’s worth a shot. Would McCormick also encourage you to play your own game? Of course. 

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