How to hit a perfect low spinning chip shot around the greens

bernie najar hits chip

If you want to hit a low spinning chip shot around the greens, listen to these tips from GOLF Top 100 Teacher Bernie Najar.

It’s important to be versatile around the greens. Players with the best short games don’t just rely on one shot to be successful. Instead, they vary shot shape, trajectory and spin.

If you want to be an elite short-game player, you’ll need to add a few different shots to your repertoire. One of the most useful of those shots: the low spinning chip.

For help with hitting the low spinning chip, we turn to GOLF Top 100 Teacher Bernie Najar.

Hitting the low spinner might seem daunting, but it’s actually quite simple to pull off. All you need to remember are a few simple keys.

“Play the ball a little back of center,” Najar says. “And then I like to feel like I’m hitting just a slight cut shot.”

As the clubhead comes through impact, feel like the knuckles on your lead hand are slightly up and try to ever so slightly cut across the ball. Then, when you make the swing, be sure to use your body to turn and release through the shot.

If you can employ these basic tips, you’ll be able to easily hit the low spinner and score better around the greens.

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