How to hit a flop shot like Phil Mickelson, according to Phil Mickelson

phil mickelson hits flop

Want to hit flop shots around the greens like Phil Mickelson? Try this drill used by the six-time major winner himself.

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Hitting a flop shot isn’t that different from hitting any other short shot. As with any play around the green, you need the Big 3: Weight forward, hands forward, ball played either forward or back in your stance. Since we’re hitting a flop, play the ball up. Again, keep your stance narrow but with the ball positioned ahead of center. 

The trick here is fighting the urge to “lift” the ball into the air. I know you want to send it sky-high when hitting a flop, but you still have to hit down on the ball while managing the leading edge, keeping your hands ahead of the club through impact and letting the loft of your club do the work. 

To get the right feel, make practice pitch swings using only your lead arm. If you don’t set up correctly, with your hands even with the ball, or even a little ahead of it, the club will feel “clunky.” Work the club back and forth smoothly making sure the club descends into impact each time. 

Note: The faster you swing, the higher the ball will go. Keep your hands ahead and trust your wedge’s loft.

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