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Sequence your swing to start hitting crispy Tour-caliber wedges

March 22, 2018

Practice sequencing your swing. In time you’ll hit sizzling, Tour-caliber wedges that land where you want and stop on a dime. Don’t believe us? Follow Top 100 Teacher James Sieckmann’s tips below and see for yourself.

1. Half-wedges (from 50 to 120 yards) baffle most amateurs. I’ll make ’em easy. Narrow your stance and set 60 percent of your weight toward your lead foot.

2. Set the club early! Take it back with your arms only while simultaneously hinging your wrists. Notice how the clubhead is in front of my body, with the shaft parallel to the ground along my toe line.

3. Use your body to rotate to the top of your (abbreviated) backswing. PAUSE. Check to make sure your left arm runs parallel to the ground and that the grip points directly behind the ball.

To start down, shift slightly toward the target and begin unwinding your body. It’s your body that should do all the work.

4. Continue unwinding, using your body movement (not your arms)to control speed and force. You should feel a connection between all key parts: club, arms and body.

5. Most amateurs set their wrists much too late, which leads to overswinging, disconnection—and double-bogeys. Once you master a body-first sequence with a balanced, near-full finish, your wedge game will soar off the charts.