Should your putting stroke have an arc, or go straight back, straight through?


Should you putt on an arc or straight back, straight through?

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When recreational players want to improve their putting, many take to the practice green with a ruler or alignment stick, hoping to ingrain a sense of straight-back, straight-through muscle memory for their stroke. But is this really the best approach?

GOLF asked three Top 100 Teachers for their advice. Check out their opinions below.

Should you putt on an arc, or straight back, straight through?

Top 100 Teacher Lou Guzzi: You set up with your putter tilted on an angle, so, yes, it should arc to the inside on both sides of the ball. The real secret is to rotate the face as little as possible both back and through.

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Top 100 Teacher Michael Hunt: On most putts, your stroke should indeed arc. You can get away with straight back and through on short putts, but the longer the stroke, the more it will naturally arc.

Top 100 Teacher Joe Plecker: Depends. If you set up with more forward bend, your stroke will naturally move straight back and through. If you like to stand tall when you putt, then you’ll see more arc. Give both postures a try when you practice.

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