This was our most-read putting tip in 2023 (hint: ball position!)

viktor hovland hits a putt during the 2023 memorial tournament at muirfield village golf club

Our most-read putting tip in 2023 came courtesy of a ball-position breakdown from Top 100 Teacher Jim Murphy.

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Fundamentals aren’t always the most riveting topics, but our readers sure seemed intrigued by them in 2023. In fact, over the last 12 months, no putting story was more popular than one featuring one of the most basic fundamental of all: ball position.

Way back in May,’s instruction editor Nick Dimengo reached out to Top 100 Teacher Murphy for a little ball-position explainer when on the greens — and Murphy’s tips did not disappoint. (You can read the full article here.)

“In Murphy’s opinion, the correct ball position for putting is just a slight bit forward of center, erring on the side of dead center,” the article reads. “This allows for a player to strike the ball at the bottom of the arc to slightly on the upswing, giving them the possibility of the best roll.”

It might seem mundane, but there are plenty of problems that can arise when the ball position is out of whack. Too far forward and it opens the shoulders and hips, resulting in an aim point that is too far to the left (for right handers). Too far back and the shoulders and hips get too far closed, making the aim shoot out to the right.

“If you’re comfortable, it means your ball position and setup are usually good,” the article says. “If it feels too far back or forward, then your ball position and alignment might be off — so you’ll need to do some work to adjust accordingly.”

It might seem like common sense that the ball should be in the center of the stance, but it’s always good to have a reminder.

Fundamentals might be boring, but they’re the foundations of a solid golf swing. Give yourselves a pat on the back for being aware of that and making this tip our most popular of the year.

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