PGA Championship 2019: Why you should try Matt Wallace’s unique ‘two-thumb’ putting grip

May 16, 2019

FARMINGDALE, N.Y. — Matt Wallace raced to a tidy first round 69 at Bethpage Black on Thursday, thanks in large part to his performance on the green. The Englishman gained 3.3 strokes on the field and ranked 3rd in SG: Putting on the day. And he did it using an eye-catching grip that you might want to try yourself.

It’s called the two-thumb putting grip. Wallace interlocks his fingers so his palms are facing opposing each other, and as he grips the putter, he places his thumbs alongside one another. As you can see, he uses a specific grip to make it even easier.

What’s the point? Because by positioning your hands alongside one another on the grip, rather than with one above the other, it allows the shoulders to hang level with one another at address. Doing so forms a perfect triangle between both shoulders and the hands, which allows to rock on a pendulum motion more easily.

Here’s Francesco Molinari’s coach, Denis Pugh, talking about the technique.

So if you’re struggling on the greens, give it a go yourself. It’s not for everyone, of course, and it’ll take some practice regardless, but it’s a technique that’s certainly been working for Matt Wallace during the PGA Championship at Bethpage.

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