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Justin Rose: This is how ‘the claw’ grip simplified my putting stroke

I’ve been toying with the claw putting grip for quite some time. I used it in April and May of 2016 before I switched back to a regular style. I really wanted to switch for good around the 2016 Ryder Cup, but that’s a tough week to introduce a new grip, so I didn’t. Now I wish I had! [Team USA won, 17-11. —Eds.]

Anyway, if you’re looking for a change, here’s how the claw can work for you.


Get into your setup. When you’re comfortable, open your right palm. Rotate your hand so that your fingers are on top of the handle (photo, below). Secure the grip with your thumb.

Step Two

Keep your grip pressure very light and think of your left arm as the main driver of your stroke (I hit a lot of left-hand-only putts in practice). Your right hand is merely a stabilizer. The claw removed a lot of nit-picking from my stroke. It simplified the process, which I think is the reason 2018 was the best putting year of my career.

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