Improve your stroke with this 30-day putting challenge

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Want to improve your putting from home? This 30-day challenge from GOLF Top 100 Teacher Kevin Weeks will have you rolling it like a pro. For an added challenge, try to do each day’s challenge in a row. If you miss one, start again.

Materials you’ll need

  • 48-inch ruler
  • Golf balls
  • Putter
  • Puttdots

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This challenge will last for 30 days, with you building on top of the fundamentals you worked on the day before throughout the month. The challenge utilizes three different kinds of putts.

1. Ruler putts

Using a 48-inch ruler, put your ball on one end and putt so it rolls all the way without falling off the side.

2. Golf ball line

Each ball comes with a line on it, which you can enhance using a Sharpie. Line it up with the ruler and roll it end over end.

3. Puttdots

Set a pair of Puttdots 1.5 inches apart on your putterface. Only center contact will do.

When you’re ready to get started, check out the challenge below. Your putting is sure to improve.

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