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Here’s how to get into a proper and consistent putting setup, every time

February 26, 2020

There is no more important skill in golf than putting. It may be cliché, but “drive for show, putt for dough” holds a lot of truth. You can be the best ball striker in the world, but if you can’t convert once you get to the dance floor, it really doesn’t matter. To lean on another golf cliché, there are no pictures on the scorecard. A four is a four, no matter how you got there.

A crucial element to putting is getting into the correct setup. Without having a proper setup, you have little chance at being a consistent putter. It might sound rudimentary, but it is essential if you want to put a solid roll on the ball. For help with this, instructor Nathalie Filler gave us some tips on how to achieve that proper and consistent setup.

When addressing the ball, you want to have the putter head right in the middle of your feet.

“That will put the ball about a ball ahead of center,” Filler says.

To get into a position with your eyes directly above the putter, Filler recommends extending both your arms out in front of you while holding the putter. Next you should pull your arms into your side and then lean over and let the putter fall to the ground.

“This should get your eyes close to over top of the ball,” Filler says. “That will help you see the line a little bit better and hopefully help you make more putts.”

The advice might be simple, but if utilized properly it can pay big dividends in your game.

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