How do you make sure you have a proper grip? Try this advice from Top 100 Teachers

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The grip is one of the most important fundamentals in golf, but how do make sure you have the proper form?

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The grip is one of the most important fundamentals of golf. Without the proper form, your swing can be set up for failure before it even begins.

But what does a proper grip look like? For help with that, we asked a few GOLF Top 100 Teachers for their advice.

Check out their responses below.

1. Check your pressure

Make sure you have the right grip pressure. This refers to the amount of force that each hand applies to the grip at address and through the swing. Ben Hogan taught us that control in a good grip resides in the last three fingers of your left hand and middle two of your right. Ditch the old “keep the toothpaste in the tube” idea of grip pressure and control the club with firm fingers. The places where you need to let go of tension are your wrists, forearms and shoulders, NOT your fingers. Find your orientation, set firm fingers with relaxed wrist and you’ll have gripped it to rip it. -Dom DiJulia, Jericho National GC, New Hope, Pa.

2. Make some one-handed swings

I like to have my students make short swings with one hand. I’ll have them focus on how the clubhead feels through impact and then adjust the position of the grip until the face feels stable. I’ll have them turn their hand on top or under the handle to feel the difference so they can find what neutral feels like. Once they get that, I also have them try to hit a few chip shots for confirmation. -Kevin Sprecher, Sleepy Hollow CC, Briarcliff Manor, N.Y.

3. Get a lesson

Everyone’s swing characteristics are different and so are grips, so I recommend getting a golf lesson with a trained professional that can screen you to determine the best grip for you. -Tina Tombs, The Arizona Biltmore GC, Phoenix, Ariz.

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