Listen to LPGA star Jessica Korda break down her setup and practice routine

February 11, 2020

Jessica Korda has enjoyed plenty of success in her young career. Though she is just 26 years old, she’s won five times on the LPGA Tour and made three Solheim Cup teams as she’s ascended to a top-20 player in the world.

It’s easy to understand her ascension to the elite ranks of the LPGA when analyzing her swing. Tremendous balance and a smooth tempo keep her tall and slender frame in perfect sync as she attacks the golf ball. But how did she develop this swing? Watch the video above or read below as Korda breaks down her setup and practice routine in 60 seconds.


Korda says that for her the biggest thing in making a good swing is getting her alignment correct. Getting her shoulders, hips and feet all aligned are keys to the path of her swing as well as meticulously checking her grip.

“(The grip) is something I check every single time,” Korda says. “You’ll see me stand behind the ball with the club up and gripping the club every single time. It’s something I’ve struggled with in the past.”

Korda has struggled with a weak grip in the past, so she makes an effort to get the trail hand more on top of the golf club to strengthen the grip.

Two-part swing

As a taller player, it is easy for Korda to lose her balance during the swing. To combat this, she employs a two-part swing when practicing to promote balance throughout.

“I’m a tall girl, so I like to sway a lot,” Korda says. “That’s where my misses come into play.”

Korda’s two-piece swing has her stopping the swing halfway back, and then continuing the swing from there. The drill also helps Korda keep rotating the club through impact. She doesn’t do anything specific in the follow through, but the two-piece swing is a key in her practice routine.

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