If you struggle with chunking shots, try this 1 thing for better contact

As infuriating as topping the golf ball is, chunking a shot is probably even more frustrating — since this type of mishit tends to go about three inches rather than have the possibility of some topspin to make an ugly-looking shot roll for some distance.

There are lots of reasons why players chunk shots, but one of the main culprits is due to coming in too steep with the club. When this happens, the leading edge digs into the ground, creating a gaping hole rather than a clean divot.

Stop scooping and start hitting sticky wedge shots with this drill
By: Nick Dimengo

Another common reason why a player can’t stop chunking their shots is because they don’t properly transfer their weight. If this is the culprit, they may try scooping beneath the ball to get added height, which puts the pressure on their back foot — thus causing the club to dig into the ground.

Regardless of why you might chunk, we’re here to help you figure out how to fix it.

In the video above, GOLF Top 100 Teacher Trillium Rose does just that, and provides the following advice for you to clean up the chunks in order to see better ball contact.

According to Rose, if you’re hitting behind the ball and chunking your shot, it means your weight is all out of whack.

“You’re hanging back, so you’re on the back foot,” she says.

During your practice swings, Rose suggests doing the following drill to get a better feel of where your weight is in the golf swing.

4 tips to help you stop chunking your irons once and for all
By: Nick Dimengo

“Stop at impact and feel where you are. You should have 80% of your weight on the front foot, with the hips open,” she adds. “When you’re hitting behind [the ball], you’re likely somewhere on the back foot.

“So take a couple small swings so you can really emphasize that feel so you’re not hanging behind and chunking them.”

This is a good tip to use on the driving range when you have unlimited golf balls to practice hitting. By feeling your weight on the lead foot and your hips being open at impact, you can apply the same movements to your next round for better shots.

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