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Flashback Jack: How to maximize distance by taking advantage of your length

January 13, 2020

In this week’s Flashback Jack, it’s all about adding yards to your game. We take a look at the Bear’s tips for maximizing distance, not just off the tee, but with every club.

Gaining strength by using length

A consistent theme throughout Nicklaus’s legendary swing is his ability to maximize the length provided to him by his frame.

He says the process starts by “completely coiling himself at the top of his backswing.”

By extending his arms and fully turning his shoulders, Nicklaus maximizes his potential energy (much like a spring), allowing himself more time to create clubhead speed through the ball.

“From there, I want to make sure that I swing through the ball,” Nicklaus says. “And get as full an extension and as complete a follow-through as possible through the ball.”

Jack’s arms stay wide, pushing through the ball with the highest amount of force his body can generate. He says it’s all in an attempt to give his swing as much power and distance as possible.

“This combination gives me the widest, fullest arc and the most potential I can get with my body for each golf club. I think that’s important.”

If you want to start swinging like Nicklaus, it’s not about swinging harder, but about swinging smarter. By taking full advantage of your length, the Bear says you’ll be hitting bombs in no time.

“Nice and smooth and a big full turn. Back and through, it should produce longer, straighter golf shots.”

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