Want to help your swing path? Try envisioning a brick wall

GOLF Top 100 Teacher Lou Guzzi says that envisioning a brick wall to your back can help improve your club path for straighter, longer shots

To get more of an inside-out swing path, just visualize a brick wall behind you!

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Having the right club path is going to help you hit the ball flush, not only straightening out your shots but also getting added distance. That’s because it will help square the clubface at impact.

But too many amateurs (myself included) struggle with this.

Until recently, I was pretty lazy with my golf habits and failed to fully rotate my hips during my swing. This caused my hands to try and play catch up, which left my clubface open and my shots always go right. It was frustrating always having to play for a slice, but it was the only way I knew how to do things.

But GOLF Top 100 Teacher Lou Guzzi has a trick that can help all golfers see a more consistent club path — just imagine there’s a brick wall behind you while you set up for a shot! He explains how this works in the video below.

How an imaginary brick wall will help your club path

As mentioned above, having the right club path can make all the difference to hit better shots. Naturally, this means you’ll have more opportunities to score low, while also avoiding some of the bad habits or inconsistent tendencies you currently have.

But Guzzi says by visualizing a wall off your back, you’ll eliminate an outside-in swing, and, instead, keep your club path on-plane. The result will be pro-style contact.

“Most people when they get set up, they swing across their body and they drive the ball into the wall,” he says. “I want to move this golf ball either parallel with the wall, or even a little bit to the right of the wall.”

This is where aiming and alignment come into play, with Guzzi aiming just left of the flagstick in the video. By keeping his club path on plane, he’ll hit a nice draw that starts right (or away from the wall), and fades back towards his target.

“In our setup, I’m going to aim left of the flag,” he says. “Then I’m going to visualize hitting away from that wall, towards the flag that’s going to be to my right. That’s going to give us the inside path we want, and we can knock it close.”

Whether you’re on the course or at the driving range, by visualizing this wall behind you, you’ll help keep the club path on plane — which will produce flusher shots. So go ahead and use your imagination a little bit next round!

Nick Dimengo

Golf.com Editor