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How to eyeball your way to more power

October 20, 2017

Most right-handed golfers are right-eye dominant, which can wind up hurting them off the tee since they’re prone to look at the ball with their right eye only. This restricts the amount of shoulder turn they can make, leading to a steeper arm swing, less rotation, and weaker drives.To free up those shoulders, try weaning your dominant eye off the ball.

Start by placing a patch over your dominant eye—or simply shut it—and make several backswings utilizing your non-dominant eye (the left eye for right-handers).

Now make 15 to 20 full swings while focusing on the ball with only your left eye. You should be able to make a much fuller, deeper shoulder turn, creating more rotational speed and energy on the downswing.

Once you get more comfortable using your non-dominant eye, remove the patch or open the eye and replicate the same swing with a nice full turn.