‘Like having a personalized caddie’: How this training device made me smarter about my game

GOLF Instruction Editor Nick Dimengo explains how the Game Golf training aid helped him get smarter about his golf game for lower scores

Game Golf is an easy way to track every shot you take. Here's how it helped improve my scores.

GOLF / Nick Dimengo

It’s not that I really define myself as analytical, but I’ve always been a data-driven kind of guy. Heck, I even previously helped launch a company that used data-driven technology to analyze a brand’s competitors, giving them insights into what works for a similar audience.

Despite that fact, I never actually used data for something that I could personally benefit from: like my golf game!

Like most amateur golfers, I was just going to the driving range, practicing purposeful shots with my driver, irons and wedges, and hoping that I’d figure out tendencies in my game that I could apply to the golf course.

Sure, it was great to see progress now and again, but there wasn’t any rhyme or reason to it. It was just random and didn’t allow me to compare shots from one day to the next using the same club. In other words, I was working harder, not smarter.

Then I got introduced to Game Golf — and my entire routine changed.

How Game Golf helped improve my game

When I first received the Game Golf box in the mail, I had no idea what to expect. Sure, I knew what the product was all about — it’s why I bought one for myself to begin with — but I was interested to see how this could improve my overall golf game.

As someone who has the goal of breaking 80 by the end of this summer, I needed in-depth analysis about what areas of my game I need to get better at. I already had a general idea, so I wanted to see how this training aid could give me exact answers to questions I had.

For instance, I knew I needed to get better with my driver. I also wanted to know how much distance I’d be losing if I opted to use hybrid over my driver off the tee (since I have more control with that club).

Likewise, I needed a better idea of distance control with my irons, as I was lacking precise data about when to use certain clubs on the golf course.

With the help of Game Golf, I was able to dive deep into the results.

In the four rounds and six range sessions that I’ve used Game Golf, I discovered a lot about my game.

With my driver, I averaged 256.7 yards off the tee but lacked control, with the ball often slicing on me. But with my hybrid off the tee, I saw more shots land in the fairway, and, surprisingly, averaged 228 yards. While I hate losing nearly 30 yards of length on my first shot, if it saves me from searching for my ball in the woods, I’m fine sacrificing the distance.

When it came to better understanding the distance on my irons, Game Golf surprised me in a couple of different ways.

First, since I’m reworking my golf swing a bit — in the hopes of staying on plane more often for better contact — I noticed how much farther I’m hitting the ball. With my 7-iron, I averaged 154 yards, which was about 10 yards longer than I initially thought. That helped open up some possibilities on the golf course during at least one of the rounds I played with the training aid.

Second, Game Golf felt like having a personalized caddie in my back pocket, with the app providing recommendations based off the data it tracked. So when I was between clubs on a par-3, I was able to rely on the app to provide my tendencies, which made it easier to choose the right club.

Not only did I stick the shot perfectly onto the green, but it had a little backspin on it, too, leaving me with a five-foot birdie putt. Of course, I missed it, but, hey, Game Golf can’t do everything for me to improve!

What is Game Golf?

At the 30,000-foot level, Game Golf is a powerful and accurate GPS shot tracker. Using sensors that easily screw into the top of each club in your bag, you connect to the KZN medallion via your phone’s Bluetooth and get to work!

Whether you’re headed to the driving range or playing a quick 9, every single shot is tracked, providing you with invaluable information that’s completely personalized to your own game. The app even tracks your location, so it’s able to identify the course you’re playing on, giving you recommendations for each shot based on your tendencies and any previous rounds played on that course.

For instance, if you tend to hook your 9-iron on an approach from 135 yards out, Game Golf can show you that data prior to hitting a similar shot. And since it offers up recommendations as well, you can either use the 9-iron and align a little bit further right to play the hook, or choose a club that the app identifies as a more consistent option — like a soft 8-iron that tends to go straighter when you swing at 80 percent effort.

So now you can play with the confidence and freedom you need in order to shoot lower scores.

How Game Golf works

Game Golf is easy to use, and has a seamless setup.

First, download the Game Golf app and begin your profile.

Second, charge the wireless medallion (which usually takes about 90 minutes for a full charge).

Next, take the smart sensors and screw them into the top of your clubs. You can then individually pair them with your Game Golf app to track your information. This only has to be done one time.

That’s it! Now that you’re all set, you can get yourself to either the driving range or golf course to experience how data-driven results can help improve your game. From seeing your length off the tee to dialing in your distances to getting club recommendations, Game Golf is the personalized caddie you’ve always needed — and the feedback all comes instantly, and is stored on your smartphone.

Why personalized golf data is changing the game

Look, we’re all probably a little freaked out about big data taking over our lives. But when it comes to improving your scores on the golf course, data-driven results are critical — and Game Golf offers in-depth analysis that’s fully customized to you.

As the brand’s motto says, “smart golfers, score lower.”

In the short time that I’ve used Game Golf, I’ve started to work smarter and not harder at improving my game. I’m choosing the right clubs, hitting better shots, and I’m seeing lower scores because of it.

Game Golf‘s personalized data dives deep, identifying both your strengths and weaknesses. So while you may not be a traditional analytical person, data can be pretty fun when it leads to impressive shots on the golf course.

Nick Dimengo

Golf.com Editor