Conquer impact by mastering the delivery position

In today's Play Smart, new GOLF Top 100 Teacher Mike Malizia explains how to get consistent golf impact, which starts with delivery position

For better contact, take the advice of one of our newest GOLF Top 100 Teachers, Mike Malizia.

Mike Malizia

Welcome to Play Smart, a regular game-improvement column that will help you play smarter, better golf.

If you watch golf on TV, you’ll see pros in different positions at the top of their backswing. Some players are flat, some are upright, some are laid off, and some are across the line.

I’ve been playing this game for my entire life and have been coaching it for the past 20 years, and, to this day, still have never witnessed anyone hit the golf ball with their backswing.

So why do most of my lessons start with the student asking me, “should I take it back here, or should I take back there?”

Before we begin to address your golf swing, let’s take a brief look at technology.

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Most golfers have probably heard of Trackman — which is a radar system that uses Doppler technology to track and record 3D characteristics of the golf ball and golf club. It can tell you exactly why the ball flew the way that it did based on how the clubhead interacted with the ball.

Trackman does this by measuring what the club is doing on the downswing three feet before and three feet after the ball.

That club position three feet before the golf ball in the downswing is referred to as the delivery position. This delivery position will have a major impact on what will occur at impact.

I see many club golfers trying to fix their impact position by thinking they need to work on their impact; but that’s actually backwards. At that point in your swing, it’s already too late.

If you want to look like a TOUR player at impact, then you need to master the delivery position.

So how do you do that? Take a look below at my delivery position drill to improve your impact, and give it a try the next time you go to the range.

1. Use an alignment stick

Place an alignment stick on the ground beside the golf ball. This will help make sure that you’re aimed in the right spot, and will help provide a target line to square your club at impact.

2. Give yourself a check point

Make a backswing and, on the downswing, bring the club down to the delivery position check point and look for these key points.

That the club shaft is parallel to the ground, and that the butt of the club is equal to the alignment stick.

This delivery position will produce the Tour player impact.

3. Avoid throwing the club towards the target

The most common flaw that I see at the delivery position is the club thrown out and away. When this casting-like motion occurs, it produces a weak position at impact.

By mastering the delivery position to help compress your shots, you’ll begin hitting flusher shots — which can lead to playing your best golf.

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