Want to hit a draw? Start by understanding this simple concept

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If you want to consistently hit a draw, you have to understand the relationship between the club path and face.

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A big, towering draw is the most aesthetically pleasing shot in golf. When, as a righty, you start the ball right of the target and gently works it back left, there’s no better feeling.

Rory McIlroy has made a career out of hitting this shot. Although he’s got seemingly every shot in the bag, the draw is his go-to shape. When he’s flushing it, he makes it look simple.

For the average recreational player, though, hitting a draw isn’t so easy. Watching the top pros in the world hit the towering draw makes them crave the shot desperately, but when it comes to actually executing the shot, they have no idea where to start.

Remember this to hit a draw

A draw (for a right-handed player) starts to the right and comes back left. With the spin to the left in mind, lots of recreational players think they need to swing to the left. However, when you do this, the tendency is to leave the clubface open, which will produce a slice.

When hitting a draw — or any other shot shape — you must keep in mind the relationship between the face and path. This will dictate the shape of your shot.

“If you want to hit more of a draw, you clubface needs to be closed to the path,” says GOLF Top 100 Teacher Kevin Sprecher.

First things first, you need to make sure your clubface is closed. This might make you start to hit some pull draws if your path is still to the left, but worry not.

“Once you get the face closed, you can start to swing out to the right,” Sprecher says.

If you can marry the relationship between the face and the path in the right way, you can hit a draw — plus any other shot shape — with ease.

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