How to hit off a sidehill lie like a pro, according to a Top 100 Teacher

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Sidehill lies are no walk in the park, but if you follow these tips from Top 100 Teacher Jeff Smith, you'll make easy work of them.

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Every round is rife with challenges, big and small. Case in point for the latter is dealing with a sidehill lie, which you can find even when you drive for the fairway. It’s a potentially funky situation, but not if you know how to adjust your setup so it feels like a regular shot from the short grass. 

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A common sidehill lie is one where the ball sits way above your feet (pictured). Step one is to aim the clubface at your intended target — that always comes first. Don’t grip the club just yet. Instead, shift your body and weight until you’re stabilized and in position to make a balanced swing. 

In this example, the trick is to stand a little closer to the ball than normal. Next, relax your arms. Now you can grip the club. It’s simple: Place your hands on the handle where they’re naturally hanging, then make your everyday swing. Funky lie — finished. 

Jeff Smith is a GOLF Top 100 Teacher and is the director of instruction at Eagle Springs GC in Wolcott, Colo., and Timbergate GC in Edinburgh, Ind.

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