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Winning the Uphill Battle: Three tips to hit it off an upslope

December 16, 2018

Very seldom do you find a perfectly flat lie in the fairway, no matter how well you strike the ball off the tee. If there’s a more favorable lie among all the rest, however, it’s an uphill lie, because the slope acts like a launching pad to lift your ball into the air. This is especially helpful if you struggle to get the ball airborne when you have a longer, lower-lofted club in your hands. To make sure you get the maximum carry and distance from this lie, follow these keys.

1. Adjust Your Aim

The slope adds loft to the shot—sometimes too much loft. To compensate for the higher trajectory, take one more club than you normally would (that is, an 8-iron instead of a 9-iron). Aim a little right of the target, since the ball will tend to move to the left. And don’t plan for much roll, because the ball will carry high and land softly.


2. Match the Slope

With your feet together, sole the clubhead flat on the ground behind the ball—this sets your shaft angle at address. Then, while holding the shaft in place, tilt your shoulders until your upper body is parallel to the slope. The more you’re able to match, or fit, your body to the slope, the more the situation will play like a flat lie.

Make sure to set your shoulders parallel to the slope at address. This will allow you to effectively flatten out your lie.

3. Swing With the Slope

Adjust your stance to fit the club, not vice versa. Shift your stance downhill so that the ball is slightly forward of center and the butt end of the grip points just ahead of your belt buckle. From here, simply swing the clubhead with the slope, allowing the incline to serve as your launch pad.


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