Golf Iron Tips: Top the Yardage Charts in Five Easy Steps

June 23, 2016

For a quick swing boost, repeat the following: “Push, Point, Pull, Squeeze, Kiss.” These words describe the correct movement of both knees at different parts of the swing — actions that can max out your pivot and help you better pressure the ground for more power.

There are no magic bullets in golf, but improving your knee action fixes a host of swing flaws. Copy what you see here, using a mirror to make sure you nail each step. Hold each position for about five seconds before you move to the next. Repeat the process 10 times, then try some slow-motion swings. With a little practice, your improved knee work will transform your entire swing, linking what’s happening under your feet to what’s happening above them, for a smooth, synchronized motion.


From address, push your left knee inward (away from the target) so that it points toward the ball, not out in front of you. Let your left ankle roll inward and your left heel “release” slightly off the ground.


Turn your hips while pushing your left knee even farther away from the target. Get it to point behind the ball. You should feel some pressure under your right foot. That’s torque, baby! You’re set for a power-packed downswing.


In the transition, pull your left knee toward the target until it’s in line with your left foot. When you do it correctly, the pressure under your right foot will automatically shift to your left.

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“Squeeze” your right knee inward so that at impact it points to a spot on the ground in front of the ball. Use the pressure under your left foot to “post up” on your left leg — but make sure not to lock it dead straight.


The last step is easy. Just continue to squeeze your right knee inward until your knees “kiss” in the finish. Congrats — you’ve just squeezed every ounce of power out of your motion.