Looking to fix your slice? This golf swing gadget could be the answer

November 10, 2019

Rarely do training aids hit the market with legitimate buzz and anticipation, but that was certainly the case with the PlaneMate, the latest invention from Tour Striker Golf and GOLF Top 100 Teacher Martin Chuck and Director of Golf at the Vintage Club, David Woods. So excited were golf fans about the practice device that a new hashtag cropped up on social media ahead of its launch — #PlaneMateMania — and now that it’s available for purchase, disciples are even more amped.


The PlaneMate’s primary purpose is to stop golfers from coming over the top on the downswing, the bugaboo move that fuels pulls, slices and pull-slices. Like most training aids, the PlaneMate looks a little goofy (picture Tin Cup trying to fix his shanks). Subtle? Hardly. What’s important is that it works. With the help of a rubber cord that connects your body to the club, the PlaneMate automatically guides you onto the ideal swing plane, turning your previous over-the-top motion into a smooth, inside-out attack. I’ve used it on the range and in the office — that is, when colleagues haven’t absconded with it.

The PlaneMate comes with three different band options and sells for $163. For more info, visit tourstriker.com.